Our starter pack is a great way to experience COVRR. You can find out which of our flavors is your favorite, and we'll follow up to find out what you think.


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  • Take your health into your own hands and experience COVRR. We are transforming what it takes to stay clean so that you can live life to the fullest. Every detail of our product is designed with you in mind. We focus on delivering a quality experience, a healthy solution and a sustainable future. We guarantee your happiness or your money back.



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Here at COVRR, we are looking to protect a day in the life. We know that a journey of happiness lies, first of all, in health and wellness. So, we have decided to take our health into our own hands and live well


COVRR will weave itself into the fabric of society and become the iconic example of a startup founded during the coronavirus pandemic, adopting new cultural maxims and becoming a thought leader

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